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Nero BackItUp is a backup tool designed for personal use that enables you to program backups so that you'll always have your most important files, photographs, and documents.

You can store your backups on any device connected to your computer (like a hard drive, CD/DVD, or memory card) or online using the Nero Online Backup service, which Nero provides on a subscription basis (the minimum contract length is three months for 12.99€).

The program performs incremental backups, which means that it updates continuously but only with those files that have been modified. Some interesting features included in the program allow you to check for any viruses before making your backups, encrypt the results, and establish a compression level for your files.

File systems compatible with Nero BackItUp are: FAT16, FAT16X, FAT32, FAT32X, EXTFAT, NTFS, Linux Ext2/3; with operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003.

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30-day trial version.

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